Grace Place for Busy Moms is just that: a place where busy moms can come together in community to share the grace of God with each other.  That grace is evident most importantly in the way that God loves us and forgives all of our short-comings and mess-ups through Jesus.  That grace also makes its way known through love in relationship, through encouragement, and through generous sharing of experience and ideas.  It is our hope that Grace Place will support the moms of our community, encouraging them in their important roles as they raise the children that God has placed in their lives.

Grace Place will meet about two Sundays each month (Sept-May), 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the Gathering Place (through the double doors at the far end of the gym). Click on the schedule below for exact dates.  Breakfast and coffee will be provided for all moms. Childcare will be provided through our nursery (6 mo. – 3 yr) and Sunday School (3 yr – 5th grade).

We would love for many women to get involved in this ministry.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will touch our lives, our hearts, our church, our community and our children through this gathering.  The conversation topics will be geared toward moms of younger children, but moms of all stages are welcome to join — we younger moms need to hear stories and advice from you who have traveled this road ahead of us!

Christa Prill (co-leader)
Amory Gutierrez (co-leader)