• Adrienne Lough - Executive Director

    Contact for church financial questions.

    • Email: missadriennelough@gmail.com
    • Phone: 925-642-1696
  • Carrie Uribe - Director

    Contact for questions regarding our preschool ministry.

    • Email: carrie.weecare@gmail.com
    • Phone: 925-634-5180 Ext. 330
  • Sabrina Farber - Assistant Director

    Contact for questions regarding preschool ministry.

    • Email: farber.sabrina@yahoo.com
    • Phone: 925-634-5180 Ext.333

Catepillars (Infants)

From Left to Right: Maritza, Taty, Olivia

Butterflies (toddlers)

Meghan and Jessica

Bumblebees (PreSchool)

Cecilia and Hayley

LadyBugs and Bears (PreSchool)

Heather, Tiffany and Mykelle

Frogs (Pre -K)

Rosa and Agnetta

School Age

Stephanie and Anjanette

Additional Staff

Troy - Maintenance and Janitorial

Angela - Floating Teacher