Connection Groups

Our vision is to connect people to Christ like they have never been connected before.

Connection groups are exactly what they sound like.  They create a space for people to connect with each other.  Sometimes they read and consider a book together. Sometimes they gather around an activity.  It is centered around our common faith in Jesus.

All of our groups below are engaging the "Red Letter Challenge." What is that? Well, some bibles have the words of Jesus in red.”  So for forty days, we are considering the words of Jesus and putting them into action. The Challenge is broken up into five parts.  Here are the five parts: 

  • Being: Our doing flow out of who God has made us to be and who we become when we spend time with Christ. 

  • Forgiving: There is no sin too big to be forgivenThe death of Jesus on the cross covers every sin of every person.  

  • Serving: Jesus serves us and invites us to serve others. 

  • Giving: If you are follow Jesus you live generously. 

  • Going: When we follow Jesus and his word, we can not help but be on mission with him. 

Groups meet every week for six weeks and uses video, discussion and bible study.

Current and Ongoing Groups

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Mondays (6:30)

Hosted: by Tim and Adrienne Lough (959 Oak St, Brentwood).

For: All

Tuesdays (5:00)

Hosted byCarlie Watney (890 Woodsong Ln, Brentwood)


Style: This group has a combination of in person and zoom. 

Tuesdays  (6:30)

Hosted by: Jim and Anami Engle. (805 Summer Circle, Brentwood)

ForFamilies with children.