AT THE CORE (these are the things that you will hear us talk about most often)

A disciple is someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus and is on mission with Jesus (Matthew 4:19).

There IS good news!  It is good news that:

  • Jesus is great - so I do not have to worry or be in control.
  • Jesus is glorious - so I do not have to be afraid.
  • Jesus is gracious - so I do not have to be in control.
  • Jesus is good - there is nothing more satisfying than him.

Jesus said: YOU make disciples (Matthew 28:19), I will build the church (Matthew 16:18).

The greatest commandment is to love God and love others (Matthew 22:36-40).


Our most frequent statement of faith is the Apostles Creed.

We are part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.