OUR VISION (what we do)

Connect people to Christ like they have never been connected before.

OUR VALUE (why we do what we do)

In Luke 6 we see Jesus have three types of relationships and we love to celebrate, encourage and help all three of these relationships grow.

  • We value deeper relationships with Jesus.
  • We value developing relationships that we already have.
  • We value discovering new relationships that the Holy Spirit has already planned.

OUR VEHICLES (how we do what we do)

The crowd space  These are the large spaces where lots of people (75+) gather at once.  This is a great space to consider what it means to follow Jesus.  For us, this includes things like our Sunday morning worship and large events.

The barbecue space  These are spaces that gather 25-75 people that are low maintenance and lightweight.  Everyone participates and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun.  You will likely be able to see all the people there but probably only have conversations with a few.

Connection groups  These are spaces that gather 12-25 people on a regular basis.  More personal information is shared in this group setting.  This vehicle is the best way to grow in relationship with Jesus AND with other people.

Huddle  This space typically gathers 2-5 people in an ongoing way.  One person that has been discipled is discipling others.  This space is the most helpful space to grow as disciple.