What people are saying

On this page, you can find quotes, comments and videos about Wee Care.  Some are alumni, some are parents, some are the kids themselves.  Enjoy reading and watching a bit more.


What parents Think

"Having our kids go to Wee Care has been the best decision we have made for them! If you’re looking for a great learning environment, friendly staff and a clean facility-this is it! Our oldest left Wee Care to start kindergarten and she was so much more prepared! Made for an easy transition! Our youngest is enrolled for preschool and she has been learning so much and loves being there! We love our Wee Care family!"

"Wee care was always my top option for my son to attend with it being centered around Jesus. And now that he does, it doesn’t disappoint! The teachers and staff are all so kind and welcoming. My son absolutely loves to go to daycare and I have peace of mind knowing he is being well taken care of! I highly recommend this daycare, you won’t regret it! "


"All 3 of our children went through Wee Care and were blessed by the amazing teachers and staff. All 3 kids were ready for kindergarten and wee care gets all the credit for helping potty train my children. The children learned so much about Jesus and his great love. The teachers go above and beyond to make learning fun, hands on and interactive. We even keep in touch with friends we met. Thank you Wee Care!"


 "Wee Care is the best!! It has loving and insightful teachers, clean and orderly classrooms, and thoughtful curriculum. The children receive plenty of outside time, excellent opportunities to socialize with other kids, and special events for holidays. You can tell that the teachers and staff have a special heart for what they do. Highly recommend!"


"Wee Care is such a special place. Both our kids have attended Wee Care, and we saw them grow in leaps and bounds, not just intellectually but also emotionally, socially and spiritually. We are truly grateful to the staff for their hard work leading, teaching and helping our kids grow. Cannot recommend Wee Care enough!"


  "I love this daycare! I had my older daughter at another school pre-pandemic and they had a heavy turnover in teachers, which made it hard for my oldest daughter. We have been here over a year and I love the staff and love that early on many of the teachers, even from different classrooms, had learned my child's name. It is definitely a more comforting environment to have child."