Dinner and Devotion

When is it? Every Wednesday in March. 6-7PM.

Where is it? At church, in the gym.  We gather around circle tables for conversation.

Where can we get food?  SOOOO glad you asked. See below as we have connected with local restuarants (OR you can make and bring your own food).

What will we do? We will watch a video of an "eyewitness."  Someone that was there, they watched Jesus during the final week of His life. They will tell their story. Then we will open our Bibles and read the story and consider how it connects to our lives.

Why should you do it? Because it is a special opportunity to prepare your heart for Easter AND connect with others that are trying to do the same. 

THE "dinner" part of

Dinner and devotions

We would love you to eat at the following restaurants each Wednesday. When you eat there, they actually give us a percentage.  So, it is a little fundraiser, a little community and a lot of yumminess. If these places are not your preference, that is OK.  Come anyway and enjoy the connection time.

MOD Pizza (March 1st)

Order anytime.

Use this flier.

OR order online using the code MODGIVES20, and pick up.

Panda Express (March 8th)

Order anytime from any store across the nation (tell a friend).

MUST order online and pick up.

Use code 912748 when you order.

Panera (March 15th)

From 4PM-8PM

Rez gets 20% of your order total.