Holy Week

Holy Week is a wonderful opportunity to get to know Jesus! Each worship opportunity celebrates something special from the last week of Jesus' life. Walk with Jesus this week and discover just how much He loves you.

  • Palm SUNDAY (April 2nd)

    The day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  Our worship is at 8:30 and 10:45 and features our Kids Choir.  There will be Palm Branches to take home and kids church at 10:45. 

  • Maundy Thursday (April 6th) - 7:00PM

    Jesus washes feet and celebrates the Passover. "Maundy" means mandate and remebers the mandate Jesus gave: to love one another. Our worship tonight  slows down a bit, with more scripture to remember the full story. We kneel at the altar and receive communion.

  • Good Friday (April 7th) - 7:00PM

    The night Jesus died on the cross.  Our worship is much more reflective.  We turn most of the lights down or off.  The darkness reminds us of the darkness as Jesus died.  We read a lot of scriputre to live in the story with Jesus and his disicples. We admit sin in a more interactive, but quiet, way. 

  • Easter SUNRISE (April 9th) - 6:30AM

    CHRIST IS RISEN! Our worship is outside, by the garden. We celebrate communion and a different sermon is featured. There is, of course, a kids chat.  Bring a blanket and enjoy watching the sun (and the SON) rise!

  • Easter Celebration (April 9th) - 8:30 and 10:45

    Christ is risen! The darkness and quiet of Friday is past.  We celebrate the most amazing day with plenty of music featuring our adult choir and communion. Both worship times have kids church available. Join us for breakfast at 9:30AM and the egg hunt at 10AM.