(Middle School)

Our goal at BOSSlings, is to explore the basics of faith and what it means to follow Jesus and be changed by him. All of this helps us grow and prepares us to take a next step in our walk as disciples of Jesus – Confirmation.

Sunday nights 5-7 PM

WHAT: Games, learning about Jesus, sharing in small groups.

WHERE:  Outside in the parking lot at Rez. Please pay attention to the Remind101 texts for the most up to date info!

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  • Names of GOd

    Names can tell a lot about a person - the same is true with God! Join us as we dig into some different names that God gives himself and that people throughout the Bible call him. Learning about these names can help us learn new ways to call on God's name as we pray!

  • At the Table

    Can you think of any important event or celebration that took place without food? Sharing meals is how we connect with people. 

    Join us as we look at who Jesus welcomed to the table and dig into what that means for how he welcomes us. 

  • Names of Jesus

    Join us as we dig more into who Jesus is!